cropped-oes_mastheadOrganizational Excellence Specialists (OES) is an organization, comprised of seasoned quality consulting professionals who are launching a comprehensive program for organizations. The core program is based on a review of key organizational excellence frameworks throughout the world that have identified best management practices and demonstrated the positive relationship between these practices and organizational performance.

1410297928dynamitecoaching_logo_COL_posTogether, using a technique known as “Solution Focused Strategizing”, you will quickly begin to move forward, toward your designated outcomes complete with the awareness that you’re the one driving those outcomes. What’s even more, you’ll have the knowledge and the confidence that if you can do it once you can reproduce it again on your own. This is important because one of the primary goals of my coaching practice is that you build stronger independent thinking and personal reliance, not dependency and self doubt.

ScriptoriumIf you are like many people you’ve never heard of technical writing, let alone know how we can help you. A technical writer creates documentation like procedures, policy, and even training materials. And we know that documentation is not usually a project that you enjoy, or a project that you want to invest time and your resources.

Let Scriptorium take care of your documentation. We are experts at working with, organizing and writing technical information in approachable, readable, plain language. We create custom documentation that fits your company.

Online Collaboration Tools

coachAccountableLogoProviding my clients with an exceptional, results-driven experience.

  • Tools to track progress and manage coaching plans
  • Timely reminders to maintain momentum
  • A running record of results, materials & insights
  • A mobile app for keeping up on the go