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How to Create Leadership at Every Level
Former nuclear submarine commander David Marquet’s leader-leader model breaks with the old school of thinking that humanity has carried since the advent of farming; that there are leaders and there are followers. According to that model large portions of humanity are relegated to following. This saps energy, initiative, and curiosity — our most valuable contributions.

This is no longer the most effective model for human interaction. As work becomes more cognitive and less physical our ideas of leadership need to evolve. Leader-leader champions the collaboration of equals. It moves organizations into a new evolutionary model that increases effectiveness AND fosters additional leaders within the organization.

After implementing his approach on the USS Santa Fe, not only did the ship go from worst to first within 2 years but created a highly disproportionate number of subsequent leaders. This revolutionary approach rests on the following pillars:

  • Control. Give control, don’t take control.
  • Competence. Create technical competence in the workplace.
  • Clarity. Be honest, public, and clear about the organization’s goals.
  • Courage. Resist the urge to follow cultural stereotypes of the “in charge” lead.